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HyperPop comprises a versatile group of entrepreneurs, marketers, designers, and creative minds, dedicated to empowering clients to reach their full potential through expert marketing, business expertise, and top-tier design solutions.

The HyperPop Values

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We care about your performance and seek to build lifelong partnerships. 


We provide you with full control of your accounts for trustworthy collaborations. 


We bring top-notch creativity for custom solutions to achieve your goals. 


We commit to quality and ethical standards, bringing excellence to every project. 


We take the initiative to get things done—determined to produce results fast. 

The HyperPop Values

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Our Commitment

Based in Vancouver, Canada, HyperPop is a dynamic digital marketing and creative agency ready to redefine conventional boundaries. We don’t just bring passion and creativity to our clients; we bring real-world business know-how to everything we do.

Drawing from our extensive experience, we empower growing businesses and emerging startups to achieve scalability through cutting-edge marketing strategies, striking design, and streamlined execution. We're not just focused on immediate gains—we’re committed to helping businesses grow for the next 10 years and beyond.

So, if you need an approachable and engaged team fighting beside you in the trenches every day…

You’ve come to the right place.

Our team of experienced entrepreneurs, seasoned marketers, accomplished designers, and creative professionals come from different industries worldwide. This diversity allows us to delve deeply into the nuances of your brand and identify what it needs to achieve its objectives.

Together, we have a unique edge in understanding what it takes to scale a business—all while balancing profits and growth. Not every agency can do this, but we’ve proven our worth.

Our Growth Story


July, 2010

Growing up in a family of entrepreneurs, Thomas and Jason Lee had always shared a passion for business and building things. And at ages 20 and 15, respectively, they started ArmSoar Composite Gliders, their first business. The first step that, 13 years later, has grown into one of the top brands in their industry with worldwide distribution, in-house product R&D in North America, and managing manufacturing in China and Ukraine.


June, 2011

Following a new business opportunity, Thomas moved to Hong Kong and fully immersed himself in the highly competitive and fast-paced Hong Kong and China markets. Over the next seven years, Thomas established and operated several successful regional businesses, from frozen food import and distribution to sports equipment manufacturing and export, e-commerce, and even a restaurant.


March, 2018

Moving back to Vancouver to raise his family, Thomas brought all the business experience and never-back-down attitude ingrained in Asia and applied it to the local market. This move led to several years of rapid growth in Thomas and Jason’s business in North America.


February, 2022

While trying to find a marketing agency to boost their brands, Thomas and Jason were frustrated by their lack of business understanding and experience. It’s easy to make marketing metrics look good, but the proof is how it makes the business more profitable. Noticing this gap in the market, they started a pilot marketing agency inside ArmSoar Solutions and onboarded their first client.


June, 2022

Pouring their years of business experience into the pilot agency, Thomas and Jason promptly gained the trust of our early clients through profitable campaigns and invaluable business insights. Within four months, our team doubled to six people and proved that marrying business intelligence and marketing expertise is a winning recipe. With that confidence, we spun the pilot project into its own entity—HyperPop Marketing.


Present, 2024

While still in its infancy, HyperPop’s unique blend of real-world business experience and world-class marketing capabilities has attracted a fast-growing team of experts. From former agency owners to award-winning designers and creatives from the world’s largest brands and firms, our diverse backgrounds fuel our unconventionally creative and profitable 
campaigns for our exciting clients.

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When we started working with HyperPop, we fell in love with their desire to fully understand everything about who we are and what we do, clear communications, and a no-nonsense approach to execution. Things just get done – and done well.

- Adrian Dybwad, CEO of PurpleAir

HyperPop is packed with talented people who helped us rebrand and advertise our company in various ways. They also help us re-evaluate our organization and give us tools to grow our business. We couldn't have done it without HyperPop. Above and beyond anything we could've imagined

- Neo Yung, Director of San-Legend Global

Our Leadership